Hey guys! I know this blog is a very long overdue, so i am extreamly sorry for that!!

So today im going to be talking about a few tips and tricks which have worked for me so they also may work for you!

One tip for when applying heavy or dramatic eye makeup, use tape to make it more precise which will make it look sharp and dramatic! 

One trick for contouring is if you are a begginer, before actually contouring, use bronzer which will act like a guidline to your contour so you dont end up creating just a line! Ive been doing this for the past few weeks and it totaly works. 

Heres a tip for you nails! If you love nail art but when you do something you always end up making a mess, heres a trick for you! Before applying any nailpolish, apply vaseline around your cuticles which will prevent the nailpolish from drying on your skin, so when youve finished doing your nails, you can very easily wipe it off!

A tip for growing your eyelashes longer is using caster oil!! My sister started doing this and this made her eyelashes grow alot, recently i have also started doing this and i definatly see the results! Make sure you dont apply tons of it though as it is quite sticky! I would also reccomend using this before you sleep as it will work nore effectivly!

That is all for today, once again im sorry for posting this late, i will try my best to start posting more! Leave some things you want to see in a comment!

Thank you for reading, Saba x

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