Wanting clearer skin; What to do & what to avoid!

Hi everyone, I hope your new year Is going great so far and If it isn’t then don’t worry, you won’t be drowned in sadness and stress forever! So today I wanted to talk about wanting clear skin. Personally I don’t struggle too much with my skin, I get a few pimples now and then, however I know many people who don’t have the best skin, so I’m going to be talking about what I use on my skin and what you can do for clearer skin!

Starting with diet! This is one of the biggest factors of having troubled skin. One of the main things that affect it is chocolate. Now of course everyone loves chocolate however it can be very harmful to the skin. Having a certain amount of chocolate will bring out the nastiness and make you have troubled skin. Scientifically chocolate increases the inflammatory of the skin causing acne. Therefore try avoiding chocolate as much as possible although it’s okay to have a few sometimes.

Water!!! I know many people say how drinking water helps skin and many people don’t believe this, however, I have found this really does work. Drinking a load of water is amazing for the body anyways but it’s great for the skin and this is because it contains natural minerals and ions which bring the best out of your skin. Water will leave your skin clear, soft and glowing!

A few things I do and use for my skin:

* I wear makeup almost everyday! Obviously this isn’t healthy for the skin however taking care of it will make up for it.

* I use most products from the brand ‘simple’. Personally for me I’ve found these products help keep my skin healthy.

* To remove my makeup, I use the simple wipes and sometimes I use the ‘makeup removing milk’ which removes access oils out of the skin.

* Washing my face, I use the ‘simple exfoliating gel’ and this is amazing as it exfoliates the skin removing the dead skin cells as well as removing all dirt and the makeup left behind!

* To moisturise I use a cold cream, you can use any moisturiser you like really!

Those are some of the things I do that help my skin!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! Thank you,

Saba x

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