Nightmares coming true ðŸ˜‚😓

Hi guys, it’s been so long and I’ve missed writing on here, I’m really sorry I’ve been having exams and a few things have been happening that I’m going to talk about here.

So first of all my Tooth situation:

Right so a few months ago I had these really inexplicable headaches which I honestly could not describe how they felt. It started with a pain in my gums which then moved up to only the right side of my head. I got these headaches for around 1 – 2 months. It was so bad that one day I actually thought I’d die, i screamed out to my mum because i couldn’t breath. The worst thing was that these headaches would come at random times, and mostly would last the entire night. It was absolutely horrible. So I dealt with that for a few months resulting in me taking a lot of paracetamols which I hate taking, but I had to do it.

So all of a sudden the pains just stopped and I was so happy and relieved because exam season was coming up and I knew I wouldn’t be able to study with them headaches. So about 2 months go by and I feel a weird pain in my jaw on the right side once again. That same night I got the same headache and I honestly wanted to rip my head open because I really didn’t want this to happen whilst I’m doing my exams. But once again I had to deal with it, however this time i let my parents know the same day. So the next day I woke up to excruciating pain in my jaw and my head, and guess what, I had an exam that morning! So I was horrified but obviously still went to school because of the exam. I sat the exam whilst in pain (probably done the worst on that one). And now I had the entire day ahead of me, I barely spoke to anyone the whole day so sorry to my friends for being moody! When I got home I was in so much pain and hit the bed straight away. Luckily my dad had made an emergency appointment with the dentist and I was very impatient so I said we should go right there and then. I went, he checked my tooth and said there’s a hole in the tooth and that it has to be extracted. Now, If you know me, you’d know how much I absolutely hate any sort of surgical procedure, no matter how small or big it is. I HATE IT! But of course I had to think about the aftermath and how I wouldn’t have to deal with the pain again. So he extracted my tooth straight away! And the tooth I must say was so stubborn to come out, it was horrible, it hurt towards the end although I was injected for numbing. But once again the thought of not having to deal with the pain was comforting. So it was finally out and oh my gosh, the tooth was so deep it was a literal fang!! I was so happy it was out and my headache had gone straight away!

So now the recovery, so the dentist had told me it will take a few days to fully get better however the recovery process was very painful I must say! The next day I also got a fever which made it worse. I couldn’t eat, drink, nothing! So about 8 days go by and the pain has now gone and I’m finally happy!

My situation at the moment:

So about 2 or 3 days after the tooth ache had fully gone, I woke up with a fever again! And the next day with a cold! I still have the cold now leading up to a cough. Ugh it’s horrible. If any of you have any remedies for getting rid of a cold then make sure to let me know!!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this horrific journey of mine over the past few weeks. Let me know what else you guys want me to do! Also if you have exams, comment what your next one is or how they’ve been going!

Lots of love, Saba x

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