Products that I’m currently loving!

Hi everyone, so before this post I had written a whole post on something very deep but then  I crossed it all off and I’m ending up writing this because who gives a damn about anything deep, it’ll only make things worse, so lets just get on with what the purpose of this blog actually is which is beauty!

So today I will be talking about some new beauty products I have been using and loving, makeup as well as skincare products. Some products I talk about will be some that I have already mentioned but that’s only because I love them!

Starting with skincare, if you have read previous posts then you will know how much I LOVE using the ‘simple’ brand skincare products. And guess what, I have still been using and loving their products. I know they probably don’t work for everyone but they definitely work keeping my skin pretty clear.

I have always used the exfoliating facewash and the wipes to remove my makeup however, I have also been using a new product which is the ‘spotless skin rapid action spot zapper’.  This is a spot zapper which is obviously explained in the name. This has genuinely helped a lot, every time that I get a spot I use this after washing my face so basically before going to bed so it can stay there all night and usually by the morning the spot/s will be down or completely gone! I never thought spot zappers work but this actually worked so I totally recommend. I also use the ‘simple’ toner which helps keep the skin fresh, I only use this around once a week. I have not really been using new skincare products however there is new makeup I’ve been using!

Starting off with the base, I don’t really use foundation anymore unless it is an occasional time, I only use concealer. The concealer I have been using is the ‘Tarte shape tape concealer’. The shades that I use are ‘light-medium’ on my face then ‘fair’ under my eyes. These concealers are really amazing, I’ve always wanted to use them but never did however, now they are the only ones I use! The reason I like them is because they have great coverage as well as not looking super cakey and cracking throughout the day. For setting the concealer, I use the ‘Laura mercier translucent powder’. This powder is GLORIOUS! It really keeps your face set throughout the entire day and prevents under eyes from creasing, I really do recommend this.

I often get asked what product I use for my eyebrows and honestly I don’t even use actual eyebrow products, I just use black eyeshadow out of any of the W7 eyeshadow pallets. This is because I naturally have thick and very dark eyebrows so its the easiest option for me.

Some new eyeshadow pallets that I’ve been using are the ‘Morphe 350M natural glow pallet’ and the ‘120 coloured pallet’. The Morphe pallet is one that’s a lot more natural and one you could use for everyday so I have been using that on a day to day basis however the 120 pallet is one with bright colours so I really love experimenting with different looks and colours from that pallet. It is a really great and very pigmented, long lasting eyeshadow pallet and I have being loving using it. It is also great for using other people as it is really easy to blend and create fun looks with! Eye liner is something I use every single day and absolutely love it. I have been using the ‘Revlon colour stay liquid liner’ and this has a great tip that allows you to make precise lines and keep it neat! If you know me you will know I have TINY eyelashes which is so annoying but the ‘Maybelline lash sensational’ mascara has been great! It makes my lashes look longer, more curled and also lasts all day!

I have always used the ‘Kat Von D’ pallet for contour which is nothing new really as well as the revolution highlighter which is always amazing for me! Finally for lipstick I can’t really pick one as there are so many amazing ones however I haven’t really been using lipstick on an everyday basis, I only use tinted lip balm!

That is all for today and I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! I do have a few more ideas for next few posts so hopefully they will be more regular!

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Saba x

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