Hi everyone, i know this blog post is a little overdue and im sorry about that!
So today i want to do something that will bring relaxation to mind and body, pamper yourself and have a cosy night in! There are many things to do that make you cosy and keep you relaxed, i am going to be talking about a few today.

So the first thing to make your house or even just your bedroom seem cosy is to light a few candles around the house, make sure to light scented ones as that gives ut a little more cosy touch! Fim the lights and put on some of your favourite relaxing music. These things will give you a great start on the cosy night.

Secondly if you have makeup on and outside clothes, take of your makeup, tie your hair up out of your face and get into your comfy clothes, like your pajamas or a comfy robe. I gaurentee these things will make you feel so cosy and relaxed. 

If your feeling slightly hungry you can snack on things like fruit if your feeling healthy but to give yourself a break you can also have something sweet like your favourite chocolate! 

Put on your favourite TV programme and relax to watch that. If you have work to do make sure you do not do your work in your bedroom because if you do your stressful work in your bedroom it makes it hard to sleep, so keep the stress away from your bedroom and do it somewhere else. Keep your room just to sleep and relax in!

That is all for today, i hope you guys enjoyed reading! 

Thank you!

Saba x


Hi everyone, so today im going to be doing a q&a! This is my first q&a so im quite excited! I got quite alot of questions from snapchat so thats where im going to be answering them from! Lets go!

The question i got asked the most is:         1 “Do you have a youtube channel?”                No i do not have a youtube channel!

2 “Are you going to make a youtube                 channel in the future?”                                  Right now im focusing on blogging            rather than youtube! I also go to                  school so i also have to focus on my            education, maybe in a few years time       i will but not right now!

3 “What highlighter would you recomend?”                                                               I get asked alot on what hightlight i           use and which i would reccomend,             the one that i use is the collection               highlighter. It is the one in a pallete.         The pallete is called #facetheday. I             cannot really say where this is from           as it is a gift from a friend, however          another highlighter i would recomend      is the revolution one. These are also          amazing, theyre very pigmented and         make your cheeks glow like no other!

4 “Do i have any wired habits?”                         I dont really have any wierd habits but i do bite my skin on my thumb, although its not really a habit, its a disorder!

5 “How many makeup products do i use everyday?”                                                                I use upto 15 to 20 makeup products everyday.

This is all for today, i hope you guys enjoyed reading and got to know alittle more about me!

Love saba❤

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Hey guys! Autumn is finally here!!! YAAAAY! Doesnt everyone love autumn? The time when pretty colours like oranges, browns and red  start appearing! The time when we can start wearing dark makeup!

So today i want to talk about a few thing which can be done in autumn, things like makeup, clothing and things we can do!

So im going to start with makeup, hair and styling clothes! So makeup starts getting slightly darker and the hightlighter starts popping more! On real autumnal days when its slightly wet but the sun is also out, the makeup should focus more on dark colours. You can start wearing more bronzer and more highlight! For eyes you can either keep it natural and just wear a shimmer white colour on the whole lid with a cat eyed liquid liner and mascara, or you can take it up a level and wear some more eyeshadows like white shimmer on the lid, a nutaral colour on the crease and then a slighter darker brown on the outer pasrt of the crease. Dont forget to blend! For lips you can either do a nude lip or a dark lip! I usually wear a dark berry colour with a nutaral eye and a nude lip with darker eyeshadow! That is all for makeup!

For hair, i would style it depending on the day. If it is a rainy wet day then i would prefer to tie it all up into a messy bun or either 2 french braids which are one of my faves! And if its is nore on a hot/sunny day, you can wear it down depending on the legnth and thinkness of your hair. If you have thin or think but short hair, then style it with loose curls throughout the hair and leave it down. If you have long hair then you can straighten it with a middle parting and puffed up slightly from the sides. You can also do loose curls like this and do the half up half down hairstyle!

For clothing you can start getting out your fancy coats, Black tights and skirts! A outdit for autumn which is my fav is black tights, with a maroon/ burgandy coloured short skater skirt and a black top. You can wear a plain black top but if you want to be a little more fancy, you can wear black ruffled top. Jewellry wise, i would go for big studs and hoop earings. A black lace choker neckless or a simple black neckless! 

I also want to include nails in this so here we go! For nails i love a ombre red to black! I think it looks elegant but also goes with the season. When halloween time is coming up, you can do the same but add a little detail by adding a spider web design or just a spider!

That is all for today i hope you enjoyed reading! Love you❤

Saba x

Be nice!

Hi everyone, today i want to talk about soemthing important. Something good and bad. 

So this mesaage needs to be spread out to the world to everyone. Be nice to everyone. These days, there have been so many things like suicide, killing etc. Things that shouldnt be happening in the world. There has been something recently which i feel like has affected many people. A little 11 year old boy, killed himself because he was getting bullied. The bullies never think how much affect their words can have on a person. Why dont they think about themselves being in the place of the victim? I wish this was possible. Always think before you say anything bad about someone or to them. Put yourselves in their shoes and then speak. 

Lets take isis as an example. These people are killing innocent people for no reason. Children, elders and everyone in between. Why dont they think, what if their families were in their place, what if their children were getting killed? What would happen? They never think before killing innocent lives. 

Please always be nice to people!

“Be kind to one another” Ellen Degeneres.

PS: I know this is a beauty blog and ive been posting not relevent things to that, but im trying my best to sort it all out, so please cope with me! Thanks

With love, Saba❤


Hi everyone,

so today i wanted to talk about something that is quite deep and something that has taught me alot and also made me quite upset.

so a few days ago, i went to a wedding function and as i was walking out, i saw a homeless man sitting there. This made me so sad to think that theres people like this in the world. Ive seen alot of videos and people helping out but to see it in person, its different and very upsetting. It made me think that we take so many things for granted which we should not.

First of all, sometimes we can take our parents for granted, which we shouldnt, they brought us into this world and they give us everything we need. One day we will be a parent therefore we should respect our parents.

We tend to take things like food and clothes for granted, this is something which we should appriciate because theres people out there who die of hunger, people who freeze in the cold because they have no coats or things to keep them warm. Imagine yourself in their shoes and appriciate these little things!

Money! This is a big one. When we’re low on abit of money, we feel gutted, but what about those who dont even have 1 penny? Money CANNOT buy happiness, it can only buy temporary happiness. Real happiness lies in Family, true friends and love!

i hope you guys learned something from this and,


Saba x

wedding makeup products+ Review!

Hey everyone, so as a lot of you have seen pictures,  i have had a wedding in which i wore more makeup than usual! So today i wanted to do a blog about some of the makeup profucts i used and which ones are the best!

So starting of with the brushes that i used. The brushed i used are the ‘Tooth rush’ as they are known or ‘The multipurpose set’. (To find them on google, search ‘toothbrush brushes’). These brushes are amazing!! They have a much easier grip and give you an amazing coverage!

For my foundation i used the ‘Milani’ foundation. I havent been using this for a very long time but for the time i have used it for, it has been one of the best ever! The consistensy is quite thick but gives you an flawless coverage!

for countouring i used cream and powder so it would last all day! The cream contour i used is the ‘LA Girl pro conceal’ in the shade, ‘Beautiful Bronze’. I only use this for special occasions as it is very pigmented and adds some more definition to the face. The powder contour i used is the ‘Kat Von D’ pallete’ which i use all the time and is my fav!

For eyes i used the black eye shadow from the W7 pallete ‘In the buff’. The black is very pigmented and lasts all day! Its great!

For lips i used a combo of a pink lipliner and any prefered lipstick!

if you guys are interested, my sister styled my hair, if you want her email, please contact me.

Thats all for today i hope you guys enjoyed.

Bye x

What to do when you’re bored!

Hi everyone, sorry for the long long overdue of this post. I have had many things going on but im not going to lie, i didnt have any ideas for a blog post!

so today i decided to do a ‘what to do when you’re bored!’

when im bored i always like doing fun activities!

The first thing i would reccoment is to get creative and do a painting! Even if your not a great painter like me, it doesnt take anything to get creative! once you put your paint brush down on tour canvas, keep going and paint whatever comes to your mind, whether thats your feelings, your mindset or your imagination!

Secondly a fun thing to do is a DIY! These are very easy and again you can get creative. Here is one DIY idea. A DIY lipstick! To do this, you will need, a pigment colour of your choice, and some sort of lipbalm or simpily vaseline. So first cut of your lip balm and place it in a small metal container. Then heat it ip until its all melted, TAKE AN ADULTS HELP IF YOU MUST! once its all melted, pour your pigment into the container, before its settled down and becomes hard, mix them together well. Once youve mixed them heat it up again for around 30 seconds. Finally get a nice little container of your choice and pour the mixturr into it carefully Finally place the container in the freezer for 1 hours and then in the fridge for an hour, you are now done!

Another idea is to workout for a while! This is an healthy option and will also get your mind of things!

Finally, call your friends and watch a movie and eat junk food! Or you can just have a girly night in and do fun stuff with makeup!

That is it for today! Dont forget to comment and like! 

Comment what posts you would like to see! 

Saba x



Hello everyone!

A few days ago, i wrote a blog about ‘A rainy day’, therefore i decided to write one on ‘A sunny day’! I am going to be talking about fun stuff to do on sunny days and also outfits!

There are many things to do on a sunny day! Here in the UK we dont get alot of sun so when we do, we’ve got to make the most of it! You could get a good tan in the sun too, so you could lay in the sun to sunbathe!

Starting off with the outfits, its your time to let go of coats and warm clothes! Get out your skirts and tights! For the first choice, you could wear a loose fitted top with a skirt. The reason why its a loose fitted top is because a top hugging you, can cause warmth!
I feel like in summer mostly the things you could wear are, skirts, top and jeans or playsuits! A tip for outfits would be not to wear black, because, scientifically, black absorbs more heat than any other colour!

I also want to talk about hairstyling! In summer keeping your hair out can make you feel warm, ecspecially if you have thick hair like me! You could do a high bun, messy bun, or a high pony. If you like keeping your hair down, you could do the half up and half down updo, inspired by Ariana grande!

That is all for today! I hope you enjoyed reading! Make sure to leave ideas for more posts in the comments!
See you soo, byeee😘



Hello everybody!

So today i am going to be talking about rainy days and what you can do on them! Here in the UK we have alot of rain! Even when its sunny it will be raining which sucks! I envy the people who live in places where it rarley rains!!!

I know how it feels when its been raining and your wearing skinny jeans! Ewww! It feels like your legs are wet and disgusting, right? So first of all i want to tall about the kind of outfit to wear on a rainy day! Do NOT wear skinny jeans or tights because, believe me, your legs will feeeze! In my opinion wear something that doesnt hug your legs! Its mostly about legs than your upper body because you could wear a coat. For bottoms i suggest wearing a mid legnth skirt or just jeans that are not skinny! Emphasising the word MID skirt, because if you wear a skirt which goes all the way down to the ground it will also get wet and feel very uncomfortable!

If you are a outdoor worker or have been outside in rain ( having to walk to places etc…) it would suck for you. To treat yourself from feeling disgusting and wet when coming back home, run yourself a warm bath with lavander scented bubbles! The reason i mentioned lavander scented bubbles is because lavender is shown to help relax your mind and body and also helps you sleep better!

That is all for today!
Ps: The reason i have not posted in such a long time is because i have been having technical difficulties with my internet so i am extreamly sorry for that!

Be sure to leave a comment of amy questions!
See you guys later!💖

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Hi guys!

First of all im sorry this blog post is a little over due!

Today im going to be talking about how my makeup changes over the seasons.

So lets start of with spring! Spring is the season when flowers are just about to grow, its not fully warm and sunny but it is now and then. According to this season my makeup would usually consist of my normal foundation routine. Which is for all seasons. In this season i like to add some coloured blusher to my cheeks as well as bronzer. As far as eyes go, i would just apply some eyeliner and mascara. For lips i would change colours, sometimes a dark berry colour and sometimes pink!

Now for summer! This is when the weather is beautiful, warm and when the sun shines. In summer i like to keep the coloured blusher for my cheeks, but go a little further with the eyes! For my eyes i would do my eyeliner, but maybe change the colour of the eyeliner into something like blue! Or just stick with my black liner and add a coloured eye shadow to my bottom lashline! For lips i would always go for a coral colour or a bright pink!

Moving on to fall/autumn! This is my favorite season out of all! This is when the dark colours come out and the leaves change colour to browns and oranges! This is when i would change my blusher just to a bronzer! For eyes i would apply a mixture of oranges and marroons, with my black liner of course! For lips i would apply a dark berry colour!

Lastly winter, my not so fave😂! So this is when it gets chilly outside and there are no flowers on the trees! In this season i like to keep my bronzer only for my cheeks but apply some highlighter. For eyes i would apply a white shimmery eyeshadow with a dark lip!

That is all for today! I hope you guys enjoyed reading!
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Bye guys!😘